Monday, 28 February 2011

Kameleon Design Studio at Art Of Packaging

Everyone was talking about the Oscars today and I receieved a call from the organizers of the Art Of Packaging competition. Kameleon Design Studio (that I'm an Art Director of) was nominated for the Polish Oscars of package design. The competition is tough, so I'm not saying we will win, but it's good to be among the best. We are nominated in two categories for two series of premium fish products. I have already mentioned the Connoisseur Seafood series (salmon and caviar), but there is also the one above. Selection of herring packaging for Contimax Selection.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Coffee Chair

A cup of Chair, two Cups of chair... Coffee Chair makes you think of a cup of fragrant coffee. This unique design arouses the imagination that you drink a cup of coffee in a nice cafe. It is a storytelling design chair. 
Sunhan Kwon  via dsgnworld

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Furry Chair

I'm not sure how things look at your end, but at mine it's seriously freezing. Temperatures like -15 in the morning make you want to spend the day without leaving the house. Stuck in an armachair. Preferable a warm furry armchair....

From Lund & Paarman

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Peter Jakubik

Imagine that women handbags and shoes. Think about it. Then give it to them in one object.

Express your individuality by wearing this luxury handmade bag. This unique handbag is made from mahogany cowhide by handmade leather moulding technique. Extraordionary blending of high heel and leathercraft makes from this bag seductive fetish fashion object. By Peter Jakubik.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Few days ago Anna Pięta sent me a couple of pics encouraging  me to visit her site It's a mix of things designed by Anna (the lovely hair bands above) as well as her friends (whom I'll mention in another post). Licoreese also sells rare design items found at flea markets. It may seem like a random collection of things at first, but then you start to see a pattern in this madness. Everything you find on the site is unique.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hunger Pains - Clothing Made of Food

I was finishing my morning round of design pages surfing and getting ready for breakfast, when I noticed these. Obviously some people use food for purposes different then nutrition...
Photos Ted Sabarese. via

Each model's clothing in the series was made entirely of real food and depicts a meal that the person was craving. This project was shot in January of 2009 (pre Lady Gaga). 15 designers, led by Ami Goodheart of SOTO Productions, were involved and each garment took hours to cook, create and assemble. The artichoke gown was designed by Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway fame. It took over 6 hours to finish (the model stood the entire time while they attached each, individual leaf).

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Emil Kozak & Skateboard Design

Here's the thing. I hate winter. I suffer from the lack of sun and there is no amount of clothing that could keep me warm. For a while now I have been looking then for the winter to end, but I think there's at least a couple of months left. Lates take it with dignity then.

This piece was already featured on the facebook profile (have you already visited to Say Hi?), when I looked outside the window and saw more snow piling up. I have already posted some work by Emil Kozak in the past (check it out here), this time lets indulge in his crazy skateboard design.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Gerald the Self Assemble Dog

I'd love to have a dog, but the thought of having to take it for a walk every morning makes me think I might want to wait a while beofre I get one. This one, on the other hand, is a self assemble dog! Which means it can be disassembled when it starts to demand the morning walks. Perfect.

From theo, by Liam Hopkins.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wine Packaging from Mousegraphics

I work in a graphic studio. I love my studio. We have fun, we design packaging. We like what we do. But if I was to chose another studio in the world to work for, it would probably be a Greek studio Mousegraphics. I have no idea whether they are nice people or if their coffee machine makes coffee as good as ours. But i love to follow their design work and always check for updates on their page. This time I found a new wine packaging. It's called Anathima which stands for: votive offering: a dedication, a precious gift; from antiquity to the present, it is connected with any votive act made to implore, to gratify to praise. 
It would definitely be a precious gift.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Karim Rashid for Freedom Of Creation

Karim's photo via
Last may (I can't believe it was actually that long ago...) I left Krakow for a couple of days to attend the Arena Design forum in Poznan. The opening day belonged to Karim Rashid, who came on stage wearing a light-pink suit and charmed the crowd with a passionate tale of design changing the world. Today folks at Freedom of Creation sent me one of his latest pieces of work - the Cross lamp, consisting of shapes known from his most famous, iconic designs. I'm only surprised it is not pink.

Freedom Of Creation, Dutch company for innovative designs using advanced 3D printing technologies pioneered by FOC itself, begins the New Year and the second decade since its foundation with a prestigious collaboration. Eclectic star designer Karim Rashid has conceived the amazing “Cross” lamp for Freedom Of Creation (FOC), launched on the occasion of IMM furniture fair­. Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation.

“I thought to make a hyper-collage of my icons as a lit object, in changing scale and mass to create diverse shadows and light filtration, to really make one overriding blobular 3-d cross form, which is my symbol for Globalove,” says Karim Rashid about his“Cross” table, floor and suspension lamp designed for FOC. The 3D Cross is composed of an infinite number of small icons alluding to Karim’s most famous and iconic forms.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jaime Hayon for Camper

As a child, he wanted to become a chef. Then he designed skateboards and t-shirts. Faith, however, had something better in store for him and crossed his paths with Philippe Starck and Benetton's creative director Olivero Toscani. Today, as a renowned designer, he loves to pose for photographs dressed as a giant bunny. Jaime Hayon is a personality in the design world you don't want to miss.

His designs range from furniture to porecelain to toys. But I am a shoe fanatic. Someone who designs for Camper becomes my idol almost by default. Jaime Hayon was assigned to design interior for a Capmer boutique, but (as The Talk puts it) he also designed a few shoes while he was at it. That's some design efficiency. The colourful set of shoes looks like they come from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. They could also serve you for tap dancing.

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