Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jaime Hayon for Camper

As a child, he wanted to become a chef. Then he designed skateboards and t-shirts. Faith, however, had something better in store for him and crossed his paths with Philippe Starck and Benetton's creative director Olivero Toscani. Today, as a renowned designer, he loves to pose for photographs dressed as a giant bunny. Jaime Hayon is a personality in the design world you don't want to miss.

His designs range from furniture to porecelain to toys. But I am a shoe fanatic. Someone who designs for Camper becomes my idol almost by default. Jaime Hayon was assigned to design interior for a Capmer boutique, but (as The Talk puts it) he also designed a few shoes while he was at it. That's some design efficiency. The colourful set of shoes looks like they come from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. They could also serve you for tap dancing.

"I wanted to find a form that stylized the foot, like the tap dancing shoes. I have always liked the character of dance shoes because they remind me of a music-hall. I wanted to make a simple shoe but one that had character, in solid colours but that were special enough to give identity to a way of dressing. If for me, and also for many others, glasses are important in creating the personality of a person, I think that shoes should be so too". Hayon defines his design as a sporty shoe with a touch of elegance, or vice versa, that hides some surprises that make it all the more special, like the feel of the laces or the linen interior and that combines the most characteristic codes of his work as an artist and designer: the fusion of styles, soft and organic forms, the mix of materials and the quality of its manufacturing.

The intention of the Together project was to give an absolute yet subtle change to the way the Camper space is envisioned. To promote a luxury ambient inside the shop, turning it into a symbol of elegance. Very special pieces were created for this shop: handmade wood tables with different and abundant legs, very much within the Hayon style. A set of hand crafted terra-cotta lamps was designed specially for the space. A new technology was developed to give these lamps an earthy yet sophisticated surface. For the cash point space, we created an unusual piece of furniture with a very "Olympic" shape, all in red. We chose a red floor in resin of a silky and glossy effect that playfully contrasts the rest of the space.


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