Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kiel Mead - Birdie Light

I have seen lamps made of many many things (i.e. the one made of Bic pens I wrote about recently), but this one by Kiel Mead - made out of badminton birdie / shuttlecock - is definitely surprising... More and more I catch myself looking around, spotting objects suitable to be transformed into lamp. And I'm on a lamp-hunt at the moment (to my freshly renovated kitchen), so it may result in something interesting.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Soft Nugat Packaging

Maria Stylianaki is a graphic designer from Greece (island of Crete) and she just sent us her packaging for A new product line from Cretamel a family owned confectionery company in the island of Crete. Soft Nougat bars with fruits and nuts in 6 different flavors. A colorful and pleasant approach for this new packaging.
I like the combonation of white background, vivid colour distinguishing flavours and the transparent window showing the product.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Twig - The Miniature Terrarium

Oki doki, it took me a while to be posting again, but I'm officially back. Everyone needs a little time off every now and then and it was my turn ;) Holidays were great, now back to reality!

In Poland we have a saying "Small is beautiful" and it seems to be so true when you look at these tiny little terrariums by Twig. Each one contains an almost invisible piece of life, sometimes you need a magnifying glass to spot it. Once you do however, there is usually a surprise waiting for you...

Friday, 1 July 2011


And so it is... My summer starts with fantastic news. I'm going on holidays. I am actually in the middle of my kitchen renovation, my house is a mess, there are tools lying everywhere, my kitchen utensils occupy all of my living room... Yet I decided to pack my bags and go enjoy the sun.

That means, however, that I will not be present in the blogosphere for a couple of weeks. I will be back in the middle of July, hopefully with some fresh ideas and inspirations. For now wish me luck and see you soon.
Maja xx

pic by
  Elena Khazina via Graphic-Exchange.


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