Monday, 28 December 2009

Searching In The Rain

Searching in the Rain is a light and comfortable PVC raincoat and a turist map as well. During rainy days it's very hard to handle a map and to keep oneself dry at the same time. With Searching in the Rain you have just to turn upside down the front bottom lip to read the map printed on it. The same map is also printed on the backside, helping anyone who stay behind us to read map informations. Such a funny way to meet new people, isn't it?

Monday, 21 December 2009

Richard Oriolo Book Cover

There is something about this cover I really like, even if I can't quite put my finger on it.... Typography? Colours? All at once? Anyways, it was designed by Richard Oriolo, whom I'm going to follow closely from now on! (...most likely via Book Cover Archive)

Calendar and Ruler

Calendar and Ruler made from polished 1mm stainless steel with 12 inch/months and 31 cm/days and two coloured magnetic rings. Designed by André Klauser, produced by Thorsten Van Elten.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Knitted Sock For iPod Nano By Paul Smith

Oh wow, aren't these socks for iPod nano by Paul Smith cute? I would definitely dress an iPod in those. Great use of his trademark stripes and an ideal Christmas gift. via Grafik magazine.


Just a little collection of sweet-looking items from Barneys.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pencil Crayon Jewellery

Oh my, what a colourful and funny idea! Jewellery designed and made by Maria Cristina Bellucci out of pencil crayons. Amazing. via designboom.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Otherwine Tin Packaging

I don't know if a wine in a can works as good as the one in a bottle. I am no expert at all to judge and verify which packaging works better for the product, but it sure comes in handy when you don't have to carry a big glass bottle when you're heading for a picnic! The Otherwine aluminium can holds the equivalent of two glasses of wine (250 ml) - just right in my opinion to feel good in the afternoon.

OTHERWINE dare to create a range of wines in cans deliberately "personal" and advocates a single credo: have fun. With 25cl, OTHERWINE can is ideal for any occasion: Alone or with friends, at home or in the great outdoors!

Philco PC Retro Design

This asmazing pc was featured on many design websites this week, but I couldn't resist in case any of you had missed it! (I was lucky enough, my cousin brought my attention to it). Lately it seemed the only interesting computer design could be produced by Apple, but hey, here's something even better. Designed by an American studio Schultzworks the Philco PC was inspired by the 1950’s Philco Predicta, a design classic. This original design received Top Three honors in a competition. The keyboard looking like a typewriter? Absolutely it! Oh, there are detailed photos and a videoafter the break. Be smart and continue reading then.
via yankodesign.

My Dream Chair...

I recently bought an apartment and although there's still a couple of months ahead of me before I can move in, I already plan what it is going to look like. My funds are somewhat limited after paying the downpayment, so I'm not going to be able to buy all the designer furniture I would like to. I decided however to buy at least one beautiful chair. There is something about chairs that makes me them, for the way they can combine beauty and function. This design classic doesn't need introduction, it's RAR by Ray and Charles Eames. It's hard to believe in a way it was designed so many years, even decades, ago and it still gives you goose bumps when you look at it. I the fact that it rocks - literally. And the construction of the bottom was inspired by the Eifell Tower. I just haven't decided on th colour yet...

Plastic Armchairs were first presented as part of the famed New York Museum of Modern Art competition, "Low Cost Furniture Design". Their organically shaped seat shells made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic were later combined with various different bases, such as RAR's rockers and manufactured in their millions. In their latest version made of polypropylene the Armchairs now offer even greater sitting comfort.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Coarse Toys - False Friends

Do you remember the post about Coarse Toys? I will forgive you if you don't, but you have to check it out (here)! And right now some Coarse Toys updates - their new series called false friends. No sharks or blood, instead a rabbit that looks like the one from Donnie Darco, right? And also, would you look at that naked toy's six-pack.... Anyways, the toys seem to be so popular that new series is limited to 1 figure per household. God, just like in the communist times in Poland! I thought these days were long gone.
After the break there is a story about the false friends characters.

The Dieline Awards

It's been a while since the last post but before Christmas time starts to fly with unsusual speed. Any studio dealing with FMCG industry clients has to stretch their time limits to the max before events like this. All the companies want their special Xmas packaging editions, calendars to distribute among their own clients, Xmas cards etc. So we work crazy hours and try to meet the demands.
However, gotta go back to filling this site with best examples of design. First of all the site I've been writing for - The Dieline - decided not only to feature best package design, but also to actively choose and award them. Above are my favourite design concept for The Dieline Awards, designed by Established. It's cast of a trophy in metal, I think it's pretty amazing. You can see more concepts though and choose yourself which one would you like to receive, should you win that precious prize one day... Follow the article after the jump.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Spiral Condiments

These sauces by Frank Aloi are insanely beautiful... They should be featured in the decoration section in all the housing magazines. Seriously.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Byredo Parfums - Take Two

Some time ago I posted something on Byredo Parfums. There was some response to it (the way they evoke what's best in Chanel), so here's a couple more. This time their fragranced candles, body wash and body lotion and a gift set.

Tokyo Made

Just a bunch of stuff from Tokyomade... I'd like to walk a street wearing only Tokyomade one day. Wouldn't it be fun?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

TV Posters

Winter is coming along and I am sure I will spend a big part of it watching my favourtie tv shows. A much as TV can wash your brain out, the advertisement for it is not always that bad. I these posters by Exergian - they prove the thought should always come first before the design. Make sure you see them all and continue reading after the break!

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