Saturday, 29 August 2009

Clutch Chair

I love this amazing chair I just found at Packaging UQAM. It's made entirely of coctail straws, which gives it the unique texture and colours, it uses the idea of sustainability of materials, it looks comfortable... Every time I order a beer mixed with lemonade (a strange idea that some people follow, believe me), I get two straws. I guess I will have to start collecting them now and get busy on the weekends, with my scissors and glue.

Made from 10,000 drinking straws, the Clutch Chair is an exploratory research piece that passes comment on our disposable culture. The development process of this piece also informed that of the Clutch Light, both of which were developed from an observation of the structural characteristics of trees.This piece was selected by Zaha Hadid as her Curators Choice at Noise Festeval 2008.

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