Tuesday, 31 May 2011

La Urna by LessDesign

Those of you who follow Say Hi! on facebook already know I was at Arena Design in Poznań last week. Obviously, I came back with a bag full of leaflets and business cards and my iPhone's full of photos. One of the first designs I want to show is a little unusual, because it concerns the one aspect of life, we try to avoid talking bout - dying. La Urna is an urn, design by a Polish design squad (as they call themselves) LessDesign. Ceramic vase is supposed to help you keep the best memories of the person, once present in your life. You can apply photos to it, it visually enhances the interior because of the modern shape it has. Would I like to use it myself? I'm not sure. But it enters the world of ugly coffins and gold ornaments, willing to change it.

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