Monday, 25 October 2010

My New Carpet Design - Winner of the KOMFORT Competition

I have to say that was a good beginning of the week! I just learned my design won a competition organized by Komfort - the biggest carpet retailer in Poland - and will be produced just for me. I will replace a standard Ikea carpet with my own custom made and custom designed carpet. How coool is that.

I participated in this challenge purely to make a design that would fit my living room, had I won. So the colours of the carpet reflect the colours of my room. I have yellow chairs and a custom made armchair, one navy blue and three light blue walls and some black and white furniture. These colours were incorporated in the design. Initially I wanted to make something with a black cat, because this symbol somehow attracts me. It symbolises bad luck but to me it reads something different. There's a black cat in my neighbourhood and everytime it appears.... Well, call me crazy but I always find out something important later on, after I see it. Anyways, in the process of designing the black cat changed to yellow. I called the design "Yellow Cat Marine".

You can check out the other two attempts of carpet design I did, however they're not as meaningfull. I'm glad this one will actually get produced. Komfort promised to post photos on the production phases, which will be interesting to see. I, on the other hand, promised to publish some photos of the carpet already settled in my living room. Looking forward to that.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Martino Gamper and Łódź Design 2010

This weekend will be a short celebration of design for me and a break for the everyday struggle with demanding package design. First, I'm going to Łódź for Łódź Design, the biggest design fair in Poland. Having visited arenadesign in Poznań earlier on this year, I am really excited to see what's new with Polish design.

Then I'm off to Warsaw (not exactly for design reasons, one needs to have fun from time to time as well) but it coincides with a lecture given by Italian designer Martino Gamper. My favourite project by Martino Gamper is the 100 chairs in 100 days. This project involves systematically collecting discarded chairs from London streets (or more frequently, friends’ homes) over a period of about roughly two years, then spending 100 days to reconfiguring the design of each one in an attempt to transform its character and/or the way it functions.

I am somewhat crazy about chairs and so I the way Martino brings the discarded chairs back into life, giving them a second chance to serve and impress. His lecture will be part of Warsaw Under Construction festival, carried out by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Piotr Czachor - Kids Collection

Adorable kids clothing collection by Piotr Czachor.

Jorine Oosterhoff

Cutest collection of ceramics by Jorine Oosterhof. Tea Time is a porcelain set, made by hand. The inside is glazed, the outside is not. This accentuates the form and also the purity of the material. Color comes in with the food, when the set is in use. Tea Time is a high tea set based on characters. Build up to be a family. Each piece has its own identity. With their character-like look they seem to come alive, living their lives on the table like soldiers in a little nation. Creating surrealistic moments like in Alice in Wonderland.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nina Bruun - Fold Chair

Nina Bruun yet again. This time instead of amazing curves (check out her Nest Chair), some hard and distinctive lines in the Nest Chair.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ben Wiseman

Do you think I made a printscreen of an error that popped out during some google search? Well, these two are actually book covers by designer and illustrator Ben Wiseman. Check out a few more, with a variety of styles.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

byGraziela Ceramics

I have already posted byGraziela's mug collection here and here's a new set of ceramics from the ever so great Thorsten Van Elten store.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Patka Smirnow - Jersey Collection

Upon her recent visit to Krakow my friend bought a bag by Patka Smirnow. It is made of used plastic bags, is pretty big and fluffy and I have to admit I was a little jealous, as I was already dreaming of getting one (check the post about Patka's eco bags here). Anyways, what I wanted to say is that I didn't know Patka also made clothes, so it's a nice surprise to see what she's also up to apart from making the unique bags. The jersey collection is funny and a little twisted. The bunny outfit - I'd love to show up dressed in it at a party or two.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Joanna Łyczek's Carpet

Very folky, very trendy. Carpet design by a Polish designer Joanna Łyczek.

Unfold Lamp

The UNFOLD pendant lamp offers a new take on an industrial design classic. Crafted from soft but strong silicone rubber, Unfold projects a modern and warm personality. The soft material also allows the lamp to be folded into a neat package. - Just open and unfold your new lamp. Unfold is created for Danish design brand Muuto, for whom Form Us With Love also has designed the Match tea light holders. by from us with love via we heart

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Skujenice's Spool Vase

The series, 'Spool' vases arose from my interest and love for textiles. The design was inspired by the forms and structures of industrial yarn bobbins used in the weaving or knitting of fabrics. Varying in size, texture and structure, the family of vases is made of white porcelain. There are currently seven different models available. Handmade in The Netherlands.  

Tomasz Ogrodowski's Jewellery

Beautiful jewellery by a Polish designer Tomasz Ogrodowski. via designitpoland.

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