Monday, 25 October 2010

My New Carpet Design - Winner of the KOMFORT Competition

I have to say that was a good beginning of the week! I just learned my design won a competition organized by Komfort - the biggest carpet retailer in Poland - and will be produced just for me. I will replace a standard Ikea carpet with my own custom made and custom designed carpet. How coool is that.

I participated in this challenge purely to make a design that would fit my living room, had I won. So the colours of the carpet reflect the colours of my room. I have yellow chairs and a custom made armchair, one navy blue and three light blue walls and some black and white furniture. These colours were incorporated in the design. Initially I wanted to make something with a black cat, because this symbol somehow attracts me. It symbolises bad luck but to me it reads something different. There's a black cat in my neighbourhood and everytime it appears.... Well, call me crazy but I always find out something important later on, after I see it. Anyways, in the process of designing the black cat changed to yellow. I called the design "Yellow Cat Marine".

You can check out the other two attempts of carpet design I did, however they're not as meaningfull. I'm glad this one will actually get produced. Komfort promised to post photos on the production phases, which will be interesting to see. I, on the other hand, promised to publish some photos of the carpet already settled in my living room. Looking forward to that.

Here's a couple of furniture pieces from the room that will live happily ever after alongside the carpet. One of them is a yellow armchair that I bought on ebay and had reupholstered. It has a funny turtle-like texture.

And that's the other two designs submitted to the competition. The triangular shapes of two different shades of blue - my hallway has this pattern painted on the walls. I was looking for something to go along with it :)

The third one has the cat that I mention already and some rounded triangular shapes. It's a shape of my vintage coffee table. It is painted black, just like the main shape on the carpet. To be honest with you, I just thought of how good the table would fit on a carpet like this.

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