Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kate Cusack & Julia Pogodina

Last September I had a short post on the amazing jewelry (made entirely of zippers) by Kate Cusack. Ever since discovering her unique fashion accessories, I try to follow Kate's work process on her blog - Kate's Update. The thing I wanted to share with you today however, isn't very recent and includes photos by Russian photographer Julia Pogodina. Julia was born and raised in Saint Petersburg and moved to New York to pursue her career in fashion photography (which she started while working full time as a corporate lawyer). Last year she made a photoshoot with Kate's jewelery, which apparently was widely discussed and commented for featuring an aged model - Candace Woodward. Personally I think the model looks stunning and I can't imagine the jewelry looking better on any celebrity or young and anorectic model. There's something about her rather unhappy face, the sad eye, beautiful hair...

If you want to learn a little bit more about Kate and Julia read interviews with them at afingo (Kate) and copiousmagazine (Julia). And follow up after the break to see the rest of the photos and read Julia's reaction to the comments on the session.

"This shoot occurred to be very controversial and raised lots of discussion on photoforums after images have been published. For many people it was shocking to see a model of a mature age in a otherwise typical jewelry advertising shoot. However, for me the idea was not to shock but to be honest in the first place and send a certain message to the audience.

Kate's jewelry is sophisticated. It requires certain experience and confidence of the one who will be wearing it, otherwise it will overpower the owner. Put it on a 18year old beauty and it'll clash. Kate doesn't aim her jewelry for teenage audience. instead, her jewelry compliments a beauty of an elegant age.

Candace Woodward, Kate's close family friend, seemed to be our perfect model. it was an amazing experience working with her."

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