Sunday, 26 September 2010

Caviar Packaging by Kameleon Design Studio

Colorful graphics of the caviar packaging  is printed directly onto metallic paper giving it an eye-catching glossy finish.
First batch of the Caviar run. Looking good already.

In the last post I promised to share  a little bit of work by Kameleon Design Studio, where I'm a proud (and humble, at the same time) Art Director. We have been up to a lot lately, which is why I didn't have much time to post regurarily at Say Hi! To Design. Above is one of my favourite designs - premium caviar packaging we did for our main client Contimax and their premium subbrand - Connoissuer Selection.

The label works as a seal on the jar. It was printed on metallic paper and coated with a matt varnish. The red / gold / blue pattern was printed directly on the gold paper, as opposed to the black background that has a white coating underneath. Thanks to that the colourful parts shimmer in the light while the black maintains its depth. Everything was printed in a flexographic printing house that's just underneath our studio, so I could supervise the printing part as well.
Right now we are working on a promotional packaging for the caviar and it already looks promising!

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