Monday, 20 December 2010

Connoisseur Salmon - Premium Salmon Packaging

A couple of weeks ago the studio got  a copy of Connoisseur Salmon packaging we have designed and printed. This packaging for premium salmon is produced by Contimax Selection but sold under the Connoisseur Seafood brand. You can find it in fine foods stores across Poland. The packaging was designed to fit the whole collection, started by the Connoisseur Caviar that I wrote about recently. It is supposed  to be very simple and tasty (I believe it is!). At the back of the packaging we have a list of wines recommended to go with the wine, as the product is addressed to the finest connoisseurs. It also features a photo of two wine glasses we took ourselves. Let me tell you the glasses are handmade, they come from the best glassworks in Poland (Krosno SA) and they cost a fortune. It also took us a day or two just to photograph them and catch their beautiful shape.

Apart from designing the packaging, we have also carried out the printing process. This time with less obstacles than with the caviar packaging. The packaging is matt-foiled (to protect the folds) and then coated with UV varnish. The ornament you see on the sides in reality comes out from the difference between the coated and uncoated surface. Check out the full size design after the break!

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