Sunday, 19 December 2010

Grouchy Panda on Sephora Shelves

I was doing some Christmas shopping last week and as I passed perfume shelves at Sephora, this angry little animal looked at me from one of the shelves. It was really funny to see a clearly upset panda in a perfume store, so I took a photo of it to look up the possible genesis of it's presence there. It is called "Grouchy Panda" but not too many things popped out ingoogle for that combination. The name of the artist - Jiji - revealed more clues. This quote is from dazed digital Chinese born artist Jiji has made a name for himself through his cartoon of an annoyed panda. Ten years after creating the character, he is now launching his brand Hi Panda Fashion in France – proving that fashion and naughty art can cohabit, even in the capital of Haute Couture. It still doesn't explain how the panda ended up in Sephora, but it made my shopping much more entertaining.

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