Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mouth Watering Food Websites

This week my work concerned mostly web design, as we are working on two websites. Both are related to food products. One is more mainstream, showing products of our client, presenting the company's profile, telling the company's history etc. The other one though is aimed to attract food connoisseurs and create unique atmosphere. It is dedicated to premium products, therefore it needs to be visually stunning. Next week we will have a photoshoot for the site, which I'm really excited about.

To prepare for the photoshoot, we were all looking for examples of food-focused websites that would appeal to our taste. Girls browsed tens of sites, so I think it's worth sharing here. Check out a few printscreens and adresses of websites that showcase food, such as restaurants, or food producers they found. Some of them are funky, some are elegant, most of them have amazing food photos.

There is also another collection of url's - this time websites for premium and luxurious products, which I'll share later on. For now, sit down, look ...and make sure you have someting tasty at hand, as it will make you hungry!

The Square -
These photos make me hungry. Seriously.

Park Avenue Coffee

Mindy's Hot Chocolate

Patrick Roger

Pura Vida

Quills Coffee

Green & Black's

Brooklyn Fare
People on the photo look very real, their aprons are stained, their smiles a bit shy.

Kicking Horse Coffee

 Caravan Restauran, Bar & Roastery

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