Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Plywood Wine Knot

So it was a day off in Poland (I live in Krakow) and everyone got their hopes up for BBQs and afternoon spent in beergardens (there is an amazing Jewish District in Krakow, lazy in the atmosphere, where most of us happens to spend at least a part of their lives), but the weather was lousy. In other parts of Poland it actually snowed (in May! I know). So I imagine everyone stayed home with a glass of wine, or the liqueur of their choice, instead. My cousin sent me a link to this beautiful wine rack made of plywood and I think it is very appropriate to post it today.

Designed by Alberto Mantilla, Scott Henderson and Anthony Baxter, the Wine Knot is made of 2 curved pieces of wood, creating a beautiful 7 bottle wine rack.

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