Monday, 17 January 2011

Thatcher Wine & Juniper Books

I already wrote about that somewhere on this blog, but let me repeat myself - if I could choose any other type of design other than package design, I would to design book covers. I designed a couple when I was still at university, but that was almost a decade ago and I crave that satisfaction nowadays. I used to read so much when I was younger. I devoured books. I read all Vonnegut before I went to highschool. And ever since I discovered photoshop, I wanted to make books look beautiful. I don't know if I would be anything like Chip Kidd, I think I would go for something more literal and aesthetic. I would treat books like dolls - simply wanting them to be dressed up nicely.

Anyways, because of all that I like to check out Book Cover Archives blog from time to time. One thing that caught my attention recently was their mention of Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books, who works with private clients and interior designers to create book collections. I personally like to have a random book collection, reflcting my interests in different times and so telling a story of some sorts, but I have to say that books collections based on colour spoke to my imagination... I think there will be some movement on my bookshelves tonight.

After Juniper Books: Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books assembles custom book collections and decorative book solutions for interior designers, homeowners, visual merchandisers, set designers and businesses. Our handpicked book collections and customized book installations are like none other and can be found in many of the world's finest homes, yachts, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, spas, common areas of high end residences, and other locations. 

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