Saturday, 8 January 2011

The "Maja Chair" by Wisla Nicieja

I have been writing a lot about chairs on this blog. I have also been complaining that I don't have enough space in my apartment to work on my chair collection.But I never described the one chair that stands out the most. It is a chair that features... well, me basically.

One of my best friends,Wisła Nicieja, is a painter and an art restorer. Apart from restoring art, she also works with furniture. She can take and old piece of furniture bought online or found somewhere in trash and turn it into unique, hand painted treasure. She paints custom patterns on furniture, or copies your favourite piece of art onto them. When I visited her a couple years ago I caught something with a corner of my eye, when I entered her room. It was a little disturbing, it looked familiar, yet I couldn't quite put my finger on it. After ten seconds or so I realized the thing I was looking at had myself painted on it. It was a chair. With me in my bikini, looking at the sun, from our holidays in Paraguay.

The chair wasn't even made for me, Wisła needed something for an exhibition somewhere. But I did receieve it in the end, for my birthday. You can see the photo it is based on on the left, with Wisła in the right corner of it (I was pretty skinny back then, my ribs are kind of sticking out...). It was taken at a lake near Ciudad Del Este, a twon my uncle lives in. It is right at the border of Paraguay, Brasil and Argentina.

Wisła doesn't have a website (yet) but if you wish to contact her about a possible assigment, let me know.

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