Monday, 26 July 2010

Social Fabric Furniture

Today my cousin (who keeps sending me interesting links in case I miss out) pointed me to Social Fabric - Australian studio renovating furniture by applying custom, handprinted fabrics. Just one look and I was totally blown away by the abundance of prints and colours. I am into renovating furniture myself (not that I actually renovate them myself, but half of my furniture was renovated) as well as collecting chairs and armchairs, so I would go visit Social Fabric premises right away (...had it not been on a different continent).
I have one old armchair that needs renovating at home and I think as soon as I find some interesting fabric, I'm going to have it upholstered and sold. And before that happens, I have to show you a short before & after of my sofa and another armchair I had adopted. For now, hovever, take a look at few more examples of Social Fabrics' work.

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