Friday, 21 May 2010

Table ...with no table - Gosia Lipińska

When you think of home, you must think of a family table. It's the one place that organises a family life. Furniture piece that provides space not only for meals, but also discussions, gatherings, cosy evenings by the candle lights. So what do you say when you see a table, that's been stripped off its basic space? Polish designer Gosia Lipińska created a table leaving only the usibility acspect of it - holding plates and cutlery. Metal construction keeps the plates and vases in place, but there's no actual table surface. Dishware seems to be hanging in the air, people look like they're sittin around an invisible object. Is it still ...a table?

Experiment trying to create "by the table" situation - without the table. 4 people sit by each other, everyone has their own dish, there is a vase, candlelight, glasses... just no table. The objects are "flying" on a wire frame. It's an interpretation of the table as space rather than surface - space between the the objects and the people sharing a meal.

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