Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ah&Oh Studio for E.Wedel

I am always thrilled to see Polish graphic studios create something classy and worth showing in the world, especially when it comes to package design. It seems to me that the Polish market isn't quite ready to showcase minimalistic and stylish packaging on a large scale, but there's few producers who can push the graphic studios to come up with beautiful designs. One of them is E.Wedel, most renowned chocolate manufacturer, working with Warsaw based Ah&Oh Studio. Continue reading after the break to see the rest of their projects for Wedel published at Behance.

Packaging design for chocolate lounges co-owned by the biggest chocolate manufacturer in Poland E. Wedel, which is also one of the oldest and most recognizable polish brands. Our aim was to design series of packaging for several gourmet products, which were to be sold exclusively in E. Wedel Pijalnie Czekolady (chocolate lounges). Among them were hand-made chocolates, pralines, cookies, florentines and traditonal hot chocolate for self-preparation. Our first ideas dealed with the great company tradition but remixed in modern way. None the less further designs went in more conventional but still tasty direction.

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