Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Maja Ganszyniec - Plugless Sink

Maja Ganszyniec is a young designer from Poland, graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow and the Royal College of Art in London. Despite her young age she has already been featured at many design shows all over the world and made herself known for combining simplicity with usability of the objects she designs. She's one of the members of Love Kompott (check my post about their wooden boxes furniture here) and I also previously featured her Pocket Wall design here.

Plugless sink is exactly that, a sink without a plughole. To get rid of the grey water we have to tip the water out. By doing so we become more conscious of how much water we are using and mainly throwing away. This sink shows the value of water through its volume and promotes water re-usage. I was inspired by the old traditional bowls for domestic water usage; this sink allows to use the water in a more traditional and, I believe, much more enjoyable and pleasant way.

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