Monday, 12 April 2010

Wooden Boxes Furniture by Kompott

Searching ebay and surfing the net this weekend, looking for things that would fit in my somewhat empty apartment, I came to realise how many furniture and objects can be made of simple things we use everyday. We are so accustomed to perceiving them in just one way, we forget to experiment and come up with new solutions. This cupboard made of ordinary wooden boxes, that are usually used as the simplest way to transport food and present in so many aspects of our lives, this time found a new purpose and use. It was designed by Love Kompott, Polish group of talented youg designers: Paweł Jasiewicz, Maja Ganszyniec, Krystian Kowalski and Marcin Krygier. Maja Ganszyniec has already been featured at Say Hi!, and you are very welcome to check that post here. Below few words about the project.

Working on a borderline of the Old and the New, we were tempted to reinterpret the most elementary object for storing - a wooden box.. Basing on its construction - using the slots in between the planks - we have developed a simple storage system based on the traditional way of connecting wood.

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