Sunday, 25 October 2009

Book City Jackets

Book City Jackets was founded in 2008 by Emma Gaines-Ross and Jeremy Schwartz and is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am not surprised something so cool came out of Brooklyn, out of all the places. My boyfriend is from Brooklyn, we stayed there for a while this summer and I fell in with the place. The idea of covering ugly book covers with a choice of your favourite art pieces or simply a drawing sounds great to me. I used to do the same with cd covers back in the teenage years, when I was utterly devoted to my favourite bands. I always seemed to know better what would suit their album covers. Very few cds made it to my cd rack with their original artwork. I cut out pieces of photos from magazines, made collages, stuck them on... It was fun. I will do that with books from now on instead.

Our goal is turn books into a new kind of affordable art that can be displayed on bookshelves and coffee tables, in cafes and classrooms, on planes and trains . . . anywhere people bring their books. Our covers are off-set printed on recycled kraft paper in downtown New York and “fold-to-fit” almost any book. A Book City Jacket isn’t just beautiful — it also protects from spilled drinks and prying eyes and provides a convenient space to doodle and jot down notes. Book covers were a good idea in junior high school and they’re a good idea now. via Blog Cover Archive blog.

Using the Bookshelf set, cover a piece of fiction, a piece of non-fiction and your favorite book and leave them on the nightstand of your guestroom.

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