Friday, 24 June 2011

Poduszak Seat by Tabanda

Tabanda is a a Polish design studio created by (former) architects, specializing in wooden furniture. I already posted about them here, this time I'll focus on one piece of furniture called Poduszak. Poduszka in Polish  means pillow, therefore the name suggests comfortable, cushion-based seating. The whole trick is that the little cushions inside the seat can be taken out and swapped, enabling the user to transform it in a numerous way.

Cube seat made of eight modules of braided birch plywood. Overlapping parts create empty square-shaped areas giving room for soft cushions. Thanks to cushions the seat is comfortable and takes on an interesting, individual look. The cushions may be arranged in various colour and textural compositions, depending on your likings and mood. It is for this particular reason that this piece of furniture can go through countless transformations.

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