Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sebastian Brajkovic - Stretched Furniture

We all know how easy it is to stretch, extrude and warp things in Photoshop. All graphic designers are used to distorting the reality with just a few click and moves of the mouse. Is it so simple in reality though? You may think it is while looking at the amazing furniture pieces by Sebastian Brajkovic. They are twisted and look almost smudged on a piece of paper. But they're not just a Photoshop concept, although they started as one.
Another intriguing thing is the the way they combine the old and the new. Their distortion may come from the inspiration with the modern graphic programs, but the furniture form is taken from antiques.

Usually the materials or forms I use are from products that already proved themselves as worthy. Like the lathe chair series for instance, the forms are used from old chairs, these old chairs lay easy on the eye because they are recognizable, in a way they are accepted. If I want to explain a chair that looks like its moving, it will explain itself better when you recognize the old and familiar chair in it.


my decor is the dreamworld, or actually the world where things happen that won't occur in normal life. in a way I want to tell that industrial design is at its end. nowadays everything that the mind can make up is produceable and within reach of the public, so products that tell a typical industrial/economic story of useability and sustainability are to me out of fashion. the user will (in my opinion) ask more of a product than only the beautyness of useability or materialisation. he/she wants also explanations for things that happen in the back of our heads.

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