Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sinue's Cradle

the inspiration of { S I N U E } ‘S CRADLE was born when my wife and I have learned that we would become parents. A joy so great always makes something unexpected! We’ve designed the profile of the object by following the line of the belly of my wife Daniela and then we’ve gone ahead using the usual skills to design furniture shipping. The ergonomic shell is made of resin for food (non-toxic), the skin is leather “flower” natural, tanned with vegetable additives, formed by strips sewn by hand with double stitching on sight. Designed by Giovanni RADICCH, via designloft.

The legs are stainless steel and in the final model provides 4 extendable “SUPERFLEX” springs calibrated to withstand a weight of 45 kg and sliding retractable wheels. The other proposed model differs only in the coating which consists of a non-toxic paint, usually used for toys (not dissolving with saliva).

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