Monday, 21 September 2009

Rousse Winery

This Saturday we participated in my best friend's weeding. I'm sure this occasion will appear somehow at this blog again, but for now something based on the party mood I'm still in - wine package design by Jordan Jelev.

With some 15 years experience, Bulgaria-based Jordan Jelev – aka Epixs – is an expert in wine package design and custom calligraphy. He created the Rousse Rose labels in response to a request from the Rousse Winery to produce something “really extraordinary”. Targeted entirely at young people, the challenge was to create an ultra-modern label design – so Jelev opted for a “disco-style” effect. “I used special ‘puff-up’ transparent varnish. It not only gives the whole label a visual identity, but also lends a sensual quality when touched,” he explains. “Each letter consists of small dots, like LED lights. The material is a metal-coated self-adhesive, giving all those small dots a metallic sparkle.

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