Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Julie Richey - Mosaic Dress

I have been a little blog-idle these past couple of weeks, but things got a bit intense (I do, however, post some interesting things at the SHTD's facebook profile, so make sure you follow us there too). 

One thing that keeps me busy at work is the complete change going on at the studio.
One studio consisting of design and prepress departments os now split in two and so the design part gained new identity. We are in the process of designing a new website and whole identity package, which I will share as soon as we finish the constant brainstorming and produce some results.

Apart from work I am preparing to renovate my kitchen, which - strangely enough - brings me back to this post. Did you notice this dress is made from ceramic mosaic? I was going to put mosaic on one of the walls,  but Julie Richey decided ceramic tiles made good enough material for a dress...

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