Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Orla Kiely's Tea Caddy

The more I'm interested in design, the more I appreciate Orla Kiely's work. Her stem patterns are so often reproduced, that you cannot live your life without noticing it at least once. I posted the above to The Dieline a while ago, but I figured you may not be familiar with it! Here's a short round up then:

For an Irishman, the word that comes to mind when thinking about coffee is Bewley's. It's what you'll get in every pub or restaurant when asking for a cup of coffee. If you look up the most famous Irish designer, you'll undoubtedly find Orla Kiely. For a designers touch on your tea packaging, the combination of the two makes perfect sense then. The tea caddy designed by Orla Kiely holds 160 tea bags of Bewleys finest and was released as a limited edition.

Orla's second packaging contribution this year is a reusable water bottle designed for Brita, one of the largest water filter producers. The idea behind Wottle was to create a truley eco-friendly product, instead of releasing another bottled water. Wottle itself is made out of recycled materials and is also meant to reduce the disposal of plastic bottles. Therefore, the design of the bottle had to be attractive enough to entice its preservation. "To be involved in the redesign of such an everyday product is always a challenge, and working with such a great concept made it all the more inspiring. It was exciting to consider the environment alongside practicalities and aesthetics." - says Orla Kiely. Both products featured Kiely's most recognizable stem print.

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