Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Kafti Design Lamp

I have been slacking on the writing recently but I do have an explanation. I moved into my own, new apartment and now I am struggling with the polishing of the walls, painting, cleaning and arranging. I don't have much furniture yet, only a couple of items from the times I had been renting the places, so I'm on a hunt for beautiful objects. My first buy, today, was this beautiful lamp called Orbital by polish brand Kafti Design. They have amazing lamps, some of which I'm sharing with you below. They come in folded flat and you need to shape them. The whole office tried to put mine together! Photos after the break.

Here's my friends from work - Gosia and Agnieszka - trying hard to figure this whole thing out... It came in a flat box, just flower shaped pieces. We all spend ages making it work, but it was fun.

And the red one below - I'm thinking living room...?

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