Friday, 3 July 2009

MAD - Jason Miller's Ceramics

After visiting MoMA last week, I decided it was time to see another museum presenting modern art and design - MAD (Museum of Art and Design). Apart from their amazing new and permanent collections, MAD also lets you eyewitness the art-making process. Their open studio features guest artists working right in front of your eyes. You can see the implemented techniques, ask them tons of questions, touch and feel every detail of their work. Every day the studio features another artist. Before you cast a visit at 2 Colombus Circle (NY), you can follow the redesign process of the museum's building. It's pretty interesting.
Here's a few of beautiful and clever ceramics from Jason Miller's collection called "Seconds".

"Products that are "seconds" are products that are not quite right. They are imperfect and therefore of lesser value. But who made the rules? Who says the decoration has to be in the center? Who says a flower can't grow down? Who says a whole bird is better than a half a bird?" If you have one hundred dollars to spare, you may become a proud owner of the plates.

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