Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Klara by Patricia Urquiola

Oki doki, there has been a bit of silence on my part, I apologize. Right now, instead of Krakow I am in Dublin, having a bit of holidays. I have also visited London, to catch up on the big world news, where I have visited the Design Museum with their great exhibition on Wim Crouwel. Highly recommended! I will try to write a bit about mr Crouwel's work once I'm back, as I was rather impressed by it.
For now a short glimpse at new furniture line by Patricia Urquiola (called Klara). Looks very retro, I like that. Every time I see that kind of retro-feel furniture I think of all these pieces we threw out at home, searching for the new and modern... Now I but old furniture on ebay. Too bad. Even though the old furniture you buy has history, it is not your own family's history.
via dezeen

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